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SmileStone has arrived!

A new milestone in the administration of dental labs and the collaboration between dental technicians and dentists.

Finally an ERP for Dental Labs

SmileStone is a cloud based software for dental labs and dentistries as well.

All in one

Dental technician communication and case management. Track your cases, denture manufacturing progress, event dates and deadlines.

Dental lab software

Smilestone has arrived

SmileStone is a dental technology resource planning system inspired by executives of dental laboratories. In a nutshell: a specialized management software which gets rid of the administrative work for laboratory managers and saves 90% of the time by correcting in-house and dental information flow deficiencies and helps to eliminate misunderstandings and errors.

Why is it useful for dentists?

You can create cases with all the details from within the software. You save time, you have immediate access to your cases, you can track the progress, and there will be no misunderstandings about the contents.

How does it help?


Manage cases

Cases appear in the system as soon as they have been placed - no further action is required. You can keep track of the time and every other detail from the actual placement of the case to - and even after - the delivery. Thanks to the system, cases can be created with visual aids, dental notations and comments by the dentists. No further off-system communication or clarification is needed.

Manage tasks

In-house assignment of tasks related to preparing incoming cases can also be managed from the system. You can divide the preparation of prosthetics into work phases and you can delegate work to different employees.

Manage accounts

The detailed traceability of cases enables accurate customer accounting. The pricing of various prosthetics, other items, work phases and discounts are all part of the system. End-of-month or mid-month purchase cases are also available at the touch of a button. The recorded work phase assignments help identify who did what and when - invoicing different colleagues couldn't be any easier.


You can check your cases and their associated dates both by day and week.

Multiple languages

The application is available now in English and Hungarian, but on special requests any other language is possible in verified translation.

Access from any kind of device, anywhere

You can follow the lab's progress anywhere from the dental lab to the dentist's office - or even the Bahamas, by smartphone.

Manage discounts

The application provides labs with different pricing- and discount options per customer.

Real-time notifications

You will receive an immediate notification or email when a case is created or if there is any change to a case.

Platform independent

No investment required - SmileStone only needs a web browser to be used with full functionality. You can access it from a PC, laptop or smartphone.


Data storage is backed up and secured with SSL/HTTPS technologies.


The application conforms to data usage and privacy policies.

Also for Internal Labs

It also provides assistance to internal labs within dentists' offices for administration and data recording.

Free for dentists

Dentist user option! Creating cases has never been so easy.


Handling of different currencies.

Upload photos, documents and .stl files

Upload files, documents, .stl, .dcm or any other types of files and assign them to cases from mobile or desktop devices.

Development of custom software solutions

Our development team undertakes the software development of laboratory-specific solutions. If you feel that your lab is working individually and you can’t fit a general case, our experienced development team is ready to develop any digital solution. If you may already be using software, but it lacks features and you have a hard time getting ahead with external programmers, contact our customer service and we will contact you on how we can find a solution to the missing features.

But what makes it so

  • We did not want to invent a software that limits our options compared to an Excel table. We created a software that speeds up, simplifies, and eliminates all redundant process elements during dental case management. To sum it up: nothing has to be entered twice.
  • We didn't come up with anything new, but instead cooperated with dental companies to discover what would make it as effective as possible. We didn't invent new processes, but added software support to already well-established processes.
  • SmileStone is not a Swiss Army Knife, but a specialized system that facilitates the administration of dental labs and their partner dentistries.
  • You never have to manually register cases, payments, invoices, and schedules with 6 different tools again.

What our clients say about us

Despite my initial skepticism, it's a fact that working is much more focused and quicker than before. I see everything about the company in an organized way, I can plan for every day, and - most importantly - I don't have to take my work home anymore.

Hanser Zsolt

Dental manager

We've been using it for the past year. It is truly the best available software for Dental Technicians on the market!

Kaposvári Norbert

Dental manager

I believe that the future digitalization of the Dental industry is inevitable, thus I joined SmileStone's development team as a Dental Technician. Now, with my expertise in the field, I'm also working on making SmileStone better every day.

Nyers Gábor

Dental technician


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Career opportunity with SmileStone

We are looking for a sales and consulting colleague for our team. We are looking for people who are committed to the digitization of the Dental Technology-Dental profession and can fight with the same enthusiasm for our common goal..

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